Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fitcher's Bird

An almost finished soundscape, inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairytale, Fitcher's Bird...
      Take a listen...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Last Day, Ballerina, Bell & Chalk

The Last Day of the 'Melting Ice, Hanging Net' Exhibition, and the last day of working in the 107 Projects Alcove.

Music Making

Alex working in the 107 Projects alcove.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fringe, Desk and The Little Mermaid

'The Marine Life of The Little Mermaid' (words), Paragraph fringe.

'We sometimes live to three hundred years, but when we cease to exist here we only become the foam on the surface of the water, and we have not even a grave down here of those we love. We have not immortal souls, we shall never live again; but, like the green sea-weed, when once it has been cut off, we can never flourish more.'

The Little Mermaid 'The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen' (Translated by H. P. Paull) 1872

Hanging Spirals, Snow White and Rose Red

'Snow White and Rose Red' Spirals, Fairy Cotton thread.

'They often roamed about in the woods gathering berries and no beast offered to hurt them; on the contrary, they came up to them in the most confiding manner; the little hare would eat a cabbage leaf from their hands, the deer grazed beside them, the stag would bound past them merrily, and the birds remained on the branches and sang to them with all their might. No evil ever befell them.'

Snow White and Rose Red Grimm's Fairy Tales 'The Blue Fairy Book' Andrew Lang (1899)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sentences, Strips & Spirals

'The Flora and Fauna of Snow White and Rose Red' (words), sentences and spirals of 'Snow White and Rose Red'.

The Flora and Fauna of Snow White and Rose Red:

white flowers, bear, garden, trees, cabage, stag, lamb, hazel switch, Rose-red, branches, eagle, roses, stem, wood, medows, birds, roots, dove, hare, moss, grass, fish, roses, black bear, grasshopper, wild animals, stalk, trunk, doe...


Setting up...


From top:  Clips, Silk, Fairy & Anchor Cotton, Fairy Tale Book, Needle, Hook, Red Sealing Wax, Desk at 107 Projects Redfern